Saturday, March 28, 2009

long stmmed penelope cruz

To all the ladies..The sweet smelling motive for my wander...
Thanks for being so pleasuring, so accomidating, so easy when you could have been hard. Thanks for the dance, the pretend romance.
Thanks for dressing up so you and I could dress down.
You're my passion, my delight, and always tight.

long stmmed penelope cruzx

For the love of it

Sex...seriously sex...
In a bed, in a loft, on rooftop tiles, on couches, in cabs, against walls, with or without pants on. Sometimes with friends, others are just fridays night freaks. Met blonds, fucked brunettes, they fucked me or maybe I fucked them...either way we had a lot of fun. I'm here as their slut, a playboy. Just something to fuck and forget about. They liked me but never really. Just used me like I asked to be used. Fuck...fuck me harder. My body to be used and rape me again baby. Answer my sex up with tits and pussy whenever I say so. Bring me fantasy to fullfill our perfect for my love to me. Dont talk, just cum and cum again. But dont ever let me stop you my user cause its you that turns me on so good when you use me like you should.